Your Purpose,

  Your Passion

We will work together to form the plan to create the purposeful and passion filled life you desire.  

What to expect....



We will work together to create SMART goals and strategies to work toward your goals. I will be with you every step of the way as we development a realistic and challenging plan to obtain your purposeful and passion filled life. 



This is a key to success. I will serve as an accountability partner helping to keep you on track and working toward your goals. Everyone has stumbles along the way, and when you stumble we will learn and move forward.



Life has a way of putting some bumps in the road, I will be there to help you pick up and keep going.  Using a growth mindset to look toward the future.



Once we break down your goals into bite size chunks, I will be there to celebrate each goal met and each step forward. 


Practice Yoga with Chasity 

Chasity began her yoga journey over a decade ago. She began practicing yoga for the physical practice (asana), however after the unexpected death of her father yoga became so much more than a workout. Chasity used yoga to heal, to sit with grief and come out on the other side stronger and more connected. Creating this connection to self and the world is what motivated Chasity to want to share this gift with others. This desire to bring people closer to themselves and each other lead her to become a 200-RYT. She received her 250 YTT at Asheville Community Yoga 2014. Since that time, she has taught in studio settings, community centers, elementary schools, farm camps, festivals, and many other locations. She has held a private yoga business since receiving her YTT catering to client’s individual needs and schedules. She has also co-hosted a weekend yoga retreat at Franny’s Farm, where she has been teaching Goat Yoga Asheville classes since their creation in 2017. Chasity strives to make each of her classes accessible and focuses on building connections, whether within the self, the environment, or with the animals in her classes. She has a playful and soulful approach to her teaching. She firmly believes that, “The shortest path to happiness is a joyful one.” Her intention is to continue to spread joy.